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Technology Help Privacy policy

Assalamu Alaikum, I will give you some information about the privacy policy of this website, our privacy policy will help you to get the help and benefit of the information we share on our website. If you use our ( website you will be required to adhere to our privacy policy. If you do not abide by our privacy policy we have the full right to block you.

Information we share on our website

  •  Android Tips, Technology Tips, Technology Information, Android Apps, Earn Money Online Etc. There are many more that are limited to our website. If you want to know more about technology then you can say we will do our best to help.
  • You can get ideas on how to earn money online and on this website. If you have any question you can ask, I will try my best to answer you correctly.
  • We share information about the internet and about social media.

What we can do in your service

  • You can comment on the good and bad opinions of the information we share on our website. Then through your comments we can verify the accuracy of our information.
  • If you encounter any problems on our website, you came to our contact and contact us. we'll try to fix your problem completely.
  • If you can share what information we share on our website through our comments, then we can do something good for you.

How to use our website

  • You refrain from making any bad comments on our website.
  • Try commenting on the kind of post you are reading.
  • If you see anything bad on our website then you can contact us with the message that we will take full action.

Third Party Link

You may refrain from sharing links to any other website on our site without our permission. You can do more if needed, but if you refrain from sharing links, your comments will not be published. If you want to share the link you can, but not excessively.


Cookies are small file. We may use cookies for various purposes of our website.

Change Privacy policy

We may change the privacy policy of the Technology Help website at any time. But before making changes you will be notified via post.

Terms and Condition

We hope that you will follow our rules

All Rights Reserved

We have the full right to block, delete and spam your comments. So we hope you comply with our Privacy Policy.


If you would like to get in touch with us, you can mail -
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