What is the advantage and disadvantage of rooting Android phone? - Technology Help

What is the advantage and disadvantage of rooting Android phone?

The root is called reaching the end of the phone's software. And getting there will put you in control of your phone's software.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of rooting Android phone? - Technology Help

Android phone Root advantage

  •  First we will know about the benefits of rooting the phone. If you can root your phone once, you can use the phone as you wish. After rooting the phone you can do whatever you want. The Play Store has apps that only support rooted phones.And after downloading those apps, you can allow them to access the root of your phone by allowing them to be super usable. After granting permission, the app will be able to see the extraordinary performance of your phone by accessing the software. After rooting the phone, there are thousands of apps through which you can unlock thousands of features. There are many other functions that can be done by rooting the phone such as being able to overclocking the phone, under clocking the processor, increasing the battery life of the phone, changing the ROM of the phone. After root you will be able to make your phone a high-end phone. You can save a lot of battery by reducing the performance of the phone.  Rooting the phone will leave you with almost everything in control of the phone.

Android phone Root disadvantage

  • The biggest problem with rooting the phone is that if the phone has a guarantee, it will be canceled. Not all phone companies like Samsung, Sony, HTC etc don't support rooting the phone. The reason for canceling the phone's guarantee as soon as the phone is rooted is that the company will not be responsible if you do anything wrong with your phone after rooting. But there are chinese companies like One plus or Redmi and there are other companies that support rooting.

  • If you make a mistake while rooting your phone, your phone will just turn into a plastic or polymer box. You can only see your phone with your eyes, no work will be done without leaving this phone. But from this situation it is possible to bring the phone back. But a normal user will have many problems fixing the phone. In fact, the problem is not in the way of rooting, the problem is that many times the user starts rooting the phone without following the instruction properly, which in most cases goes wrong, either.

  • When you root your phone, your phone's security system will no longer be available on Android. The root of Android own security system will be lost due to rooting, because rooting can penetrate the phone without breaking the Android's security level and it is completely under our control. There are now many malicious software that can only attack the rooted phone. This can ruin all the information you hold on the phone. By rooting the phone, the phone's inbuilt security level gets corrupted and you need to be extra careful. if for some reason malware software enters your phone, it can causes a lot of worry.
  • If your phone is running the latest version, it is not possible for you to root. Suppose your phone fast runs on Lollipop, then you get the Marshmello update, now that you have the new OS version, it may take time for you to root it. Because the root is always made from the of the currently available Android version.Those who discover this rooting method are always rooting for Android version error and as a result we are able to get full control of the phone. The newer version of the phone actually has to find the error first, so it may take time to get the root system up. Rooting the phone will not receive official software updates of the phone. This is called an OTA update. But after rooting you will be able to flash your phone using any ROM.

How you use your things depends on you. Of course, we need to be careful about everything we do. Thanks.

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