Keyboard shortcut key for all types | Technology Help

Keyboard shortcut key for all types

Most of us use a desktop computer. And most desktop computers are used for office work. A desktop computer refers to a monitor, PC, mouse and keyboard. Without them you can not run the computer. To see what we are typing we want to monitor and type the key board and mouse to go to different sites inside the monitor.

Most of us do not know much about the keyboard that i use to work on a desktop computer. There are many shortcut key that we know of using the keyboard. Below is some information about the keyboard shortcut key.

Keyboard shortcut key for all types | Technology Help

Keyboard shortcut keys for computers

  • Press ctrl+A to short or select everything in the same window.

  • Press ctrl+C to copy something to the computer.

  • Press ctrl+X to  to cut something on the computer.

  • Press ctrl+V to copy and paste something into your computer.

  • Press ctrl+Z to return to the previous state.

  • Press ctrl+shift to create a shortcut.

  • Press ctrl+Right Arrow to move the insertion point to the next word.

  • Press ctrl+Left Arrow to move the insertion point back to the previous word.

  • Press ctrl+Down Arrow to move the insertion point into the next paragraph.

  • Press ctrl+Up Arrow to insert the insertion point first in the previous paragraph.

  • Press ctrl+Tab to move the existing tabs.

  • Press ctrl+Esc to return to the start menu.

  • Press ctrl+Shift+Tab to rotate the tabs

  • Press ctrl+Shift with any of the arrow keys to highlight the text.

  • Press Shift+Tab to scroll through the options.

  • Press Shift with any of the arrow keys to select or select many items in the same window at the same time.

  • Press Shift+Delete to permanently delete selected items.

  • Press Shift+F10 to see a shortcut menu for selected items.

  • Press Alt+Enter to view the properties of the selected item.

  • Press Alt+F4 to close any running programs or existing windows.

  • Press Alt+SPACEBAR to open an existing window's shortcut.

  • Press Alt+Tab to move to running programs

  • Press Alt+Esc to move around running programs.

  • Press Alt+SPACBAR to open the system menu for the existing window.

  • Press Alt+underlined letter in a menu name to see the corresponding menu.

  • Use the Dialog Box for keyboard shortcuts. 

  • Press BACKSPACE to return to the previous menu.

  • Press Esc to finish the recent work.

  • Press HOME or End move to the active window.

  • Press windows Logo+U to turn on Utility Manager.

  • Press Shift five times to turn the sticky key on or off

  • Hold Right Shift for eight seconds to turn the filter key on or off.

  • Press Alt+Left Shift+Print Screen to turn high Contrast on or off.

  • Press Left Alt+Left Shift+NumLock to turn the mouse key on or off.

  • Hold NumLock for five seconds to toggle on or off.

  • Press NumLock+Asterisk sign (*) to see all sub-folders in the selected folder.

  • Press NumLock+Plus sign (+) to see all the contents of the selected folders.

  • Press NumLock+Minus sign (-) to minimize selected folders.

Let's get some help from this information. Thanks

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