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How to speed up your computer

We do not like to have anything slow in our lives. Likewise, if any technology such as smartphones and computers work slowly, they get annoyed. Most of us use smartphones and want to buy a good quality smartphones at the time of purchase so that we can do everything on our smartphones without slow speed. Another technology is the computer through which we can do all kinds of work. Computer can be slow for many reasons but its speed can be increased again. Many of us do not know how to increase the speed of the computer slow. Below are some tips on how to speed up your computer's slow service.

some tips to speed up your computer

  • If your computer slow down for some reason, give the computer a restart. Because giving the computer restart, the computer will solved some of its own problems. And the computer will start all of its own programs. With the restart of the computer, the processor of the computer started working again. And this will speed up your computer.

  • Turn on the high performance of the computer. High performance of the computer increases the speed of the computer. With high performance on, the computer's RAM and processor work speed up and the computer speed up. Many of us do not know how to turn on high performance computer. To turn on the high performance of the computer, first go to the control panel of the computer. Then go to Hardware and sound. Then go to power options. Then the high performance on, the computer will be turned on and if you not selected it, it will close.

  •  Right-Click on the Windows icon and Then click on system. Then click on Advance system setting. Then you will see a pop up. Click on the first setting up of pop up.  Then down to an Apply Click the button that contains the options.

  • Always clean the computer disk. Because the disk clean up the computer speed increase. Removing the disk work much faster with RAM. To clean the computer disk, first go to windows search offset and type Disk cleanup. Then a pop up Windows appears. Then select the C drive option there. Then select all the options and give it to OK and the computer disk will be clean.

  • Close the Windows Tips option on the computer. Because the Tips option is on, it is always looking for new tips and the computer's RAM is very busy. Because there is always some work within the RAM and the computer slows down. To turn off the tips option on the computer, first click on the computer's start menu and click on System option. Then click on Notification and Action and you will get an option called Get Tips, Tricks and Suggestion as you use windows. Turn this option on or off, Start > Setting, Select System, then Select Notifications & Actions in the left pane.

  • On the computers, go to the Windows Search option and type in the tree and enter. Then enter prefetch and enter a new window and delete all the folders and files. Then type temp and enter and delete the temporal files. Then type %temp% and enter and delete the temporal files. After doing all these things i hope the computer's speed will increase. Particularly more effective for older computers.

How to speed up your computer - Technology Help

Doing the above tasks will increase the speed of your computer and make your work on the computer more beautiful. Thanks

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