How To Make Money From YouTube? - Technology Help

How To Make Money From YouTube

How To Make Money From YouTube - Technology Help
How To Make Money From YouTube?

There is an app on our Android phone called YouTube. There are very few people who don't know about YouTube. There are mostly people who are deeply familiar with YouTube. YouTube is a great platform for entertainment. You will find all kinds of videos on YouTube.

YouTube is a platform where we enjoy video such as entertainment. Likewise, we can make money by making video and entertaining people. The videos i see on YouTube are made by someone else who is making money from it.

How To Earn Money On YouTube

  • You don't have to do much to make money on YouTube, you must first open a Gmail account and create a channel on that YouTube account with that Gmail account. The customize something on the channel and give it a nice picture. Suppose you have given a new shop but there is no beauty in the store and there is no goods in the store so no one will come to your shop. Just like a YouTube channel is a store, first give your channel a good look and then upload videos daily. Then you will see the visitor will start coming to your channel. Now the point is that there are many people who don't know how to open a channel on YouTube, there is an easy way out. You will go to YouTube and search how we can create a channel on YouTube and see how many videos will come out of it. Then upload the video to your channel and the video must be your own. All you need to make video is an Android phone and a good camera. Now Android Phones have a good camera. Of course you have try to upload videos every day, then the chances of getting viral will increase. your job on YouTube is to just upload videos and YouTube's work is to go viral. If your video content is good, then the altar will also go viral. Any problem with YouTube any question you find on YouTube can be found in the middle of the video. You just have to work patiently and every site has a term and condition, that is to say, there is a rule of law that if you follow the rules, there is no problem in making money online. Likewise, there are some rules of YouTube such that you have to 1000 subscribe to your channel and fill in the 4000 hourly watch time and so on. Then YouTube will take some time to verify your channel, if all is well then you will get monetization in less time and start earning money.

  • Now the talk is how YouTube gives us money. The fact is that YouTube does not give us any money. Google Adsense gives us money. We can make money from YouTube through Google Adsense. Because when we follow the rules of YouTube. they fill them up and when they appeal for monetization and turn on the monetization, you will see the ad showing in the YouTube videos. And those ads are shown from Google Adsense and we get paid for this ad. We get money from Google Adsense.

How To Make Money From YouTube - Technology Help

Wherever you work, if you follow the rules and regulation of an online site, hawk or any other organization, success will surely come one day.
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